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Dennis Kennedy

Dennis KennedyWelcome one and all to the Council for Corporate Responsibility newsletter. If you are here, then you are more than likely looking for more information on what it means to do responsible business. You are certainly in the right place! In working on Diversity and Inclusion issues through the National Diversity Council, I saw many other areas that Corporations could be behaving responsibly in, but weren't.

The Zen of Impact Measurement

As you might expect, in my role, I spend a good deal of time talking with Corporate Philanthropy professionals from around the country. These executives come from industries ranging from agriculture to technology; some have been in Corporate Philanthropy for years and others are relatively new to the profession. With very few exceptions, they share one thing in common — they are striving to find ways to achieve more with dwindling resources.

Monarch Institute — Adults with Neurological Differences Aim High for Inclusion in Employment

Through Monarch’s Employability Program, the Monarch Institute continues to pave the way for adults in our Transition Services program to achieve wage-earning employment. Monarch recognizes the need for employability options and is working towards providing choices through building partnerships with companies and organizations in the Houston area.

The Monarch School Celebrates Earth Day 2014 with Green Campus Tour and Unveiling of Living Building Studio Classroom

The Monarch School celebrated its 2nd Annual Earth Day Festival at the Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences, John M. O’Quinn Campus on April 22, 2014 and unveiled its new Living Building Studio Classroom.


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