Corporate Citizenship Award

Part of the mission of the Council for Corporate Responsibility is to recognize when companies have taken the initiative to behave in a corporately responsible and sustainable manner. We wish to make a positive example of these corporations to show what it means to truly be a Corporate Citizen. Each corporate nominee is considered based upon one of the Seven Pillars of Corporate Responsibility. Each Pillar is its own award category, and companies that can demonstrate leadership, success, and sustainability in a particular category of the Seven Pillars will be considered for a Corporate Citizenship Award. ...

The Central Park Conservancy and Alcoa to Set a New Standard in Waste Removal

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Central Park Conservancy, an internationally recognized leader in park management and restoration, has been awarded a $500,000 grant from Alcoa Foundation and an in-kind donation of aluminum valued at $140,000 from Alcoa (NYSE:AA) to design a sustainable waste management system, to increase recycling and make trash removal in the Park more efficient. The system is expected to set a new standard in how waste is handled in the world's busiest urban parks. ...

GE Lighting's New LED Bulb Projected as Alternative to the 100-Watt Incandescent Light Bulb

GE Lighting stated that it has designed a new Smart LED bulb that is going to serve as a replacement for the 100-watt incandescent light bulb. GE claimed that it has leapfrogged the competition and went beyond the expected 75-watt incandescent replacement. The GE Smart incandescent-shaped (A-19) LED bulb requires only 27 watt of input power and ...

Johnson Controls Touts Environmental Leadership, Green Design in 2011

Johnson Controls has long been touted as a sustainability leader and progressive company. The manufacturing and technology company touches our lives in ways that may not be obvious but are nonetheless important, from car batteries for conventional and hybrid automobiles to buildings' heating and cooling systems. From the smallest office building to theEmpire State Building, the chances are that you are in an environment touched by a Johnson Controls product. ...

Marketing and Philanthropy: Keeping it Organic

The culture is shifting. Consumers want to know more about a corporation's personality and politics. Are they exploitive? Fair? Do they take more than they give? Do they support the arts? Women's issues? A special health initiative? Simply, do they "do good"? ...

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