How Education Can Make a Difference

What is intelligence as measured against the standards of biological diversity and human longevity? (Orr, 1994, p. 48). According to proponents of sustainable development (Fien, 1997, 2001;Sterling, 2001), the current lifestyles of most Americans are unsustainable. There are insufficient resources available to continue the level of consumption of goods that Americans are accustomed to consuming. Concerns about ozone depletion, global warming, and fossil fuel reduction are ...

When Recycling Electronics, Make Sure Your Data is Destroyed!

Although environmental protection is still the paramount concern when it comes to the appropriate disposal of electronic waste, a concurrent issue that needs to be addressed by all governmental, corporate and US citizens is data protection. If data from the hard drives of disposed consumer electronic devices is not properly shredded and destroyed ...

Conservation with a Purpose and Capitalism with a Heart

As the balance of the earth's resources shrink, amidst higher human consumption and growth in world population, technology alone will not supplant extractive resources quickly enough to replenish the planet. Suddenly, a new perception is taking hold - the frontier of greatest economic opportunity is with those enterprises that do the following ...

How to Increase the Diversion Rate of Recyclable Materials

A successful recycling program not only reduces the environmental impacts of a business, building or campus, it converts trash to assets. Yet, many facilities find that their recycling programs reach a point of reducing trash by roughly 25 percent and then level off.Better recycling performance requires a coordinated approach to the waste stream and the recycling infrastructure ...

Corporate Social Responsibility in a Downturn

Is the economic downturn affecting the willingness and readiness of companies to look at the economic, social, and environmental impact of their business practices? Or is this a perfect time to reassess current programs and adapt them to changing-and in many cases increasing-needs in society? V. Kasturi "Kash" Rangan, the Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School, argues that corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are more ...

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At the Fortune Brainstorm: GREEN, sustainability executives from a myriad of companies gathered to discuss transparency in the digital age. With all the noise that social media ...