Texas Corporate Responsibility

Summit, 2011

SUMMITThe Council for Corporate Responsibility will be holding a summit at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas on September 14th. The Summit will feature three seminars presented by our guest speakers from Baker Hughes, the Lumina Foundation, and Johnson Controls, as well as a roundtable discussion, all designed to inform companies large and small on how to better integrate corporate responsibility into their organizations' value system ...

Conducting and Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Leith RobothamAn exciting trend in the global business community is that corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to grow rapidly – even through tough economic times. CSR has become ubiquitous throughout the business world, to the point that it's no longer a "nice to have" component of business. Today, CSR is a ...

Can a Corporation Have a Conscience?

Ilyana AlbarranAs early as 1982, Harvard professors Kenneth E. Goodpaster and John B. Mathews, Jr. asked the question "Can a Corporation Have a Conscience?" Nearly thirty years later, the widely accepted concept of corporate responsibility suggests that the traditional definition of organizational success has evolved beyond merely generating a profit. Instead, corporations are more likely to consider the impact on stakeholders who may be directly or indirectly affected by business decisions ...

As Wall Street Welcomes GRI, Executives Put CSR Reporting in Perspective

Aman SinghAnnual reporting isn't the most exciting topic of discussion for even the geekiest of people. To then expand the discussion to integrated reporting—when companies integrate their financial report with sustainability and CSR indicators—is a formidable task ...

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SOCIAL MEDIA Social media has begun to play a key role in how companies shape their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and present themselves as good corporate citizens ...