At Verizon, we’re using the incredible power of broadband and wireless technology to improve our customers’ lives and address some of the major issues facing society.

Our vision of the future is based on expanding global markets for mobility, broadband and video. Our investment in superior wireless, fiber-optic and global IP networks puts Verizon in the center of these powerful growth markets and enables us to deliver unique connected services on a global scale.

Verizon combines these great networks with superior devices and communications solutions that make life better for people, businesses and communities. Our innovative technology empowers our customers, creates value for our shareowners and transforms our society for the better.

Verizon is the undisputed network leader. In wireless, we offer the fastest 4G network in America and the nation’s largest high-speed 3G network. For residential customers, Verizon FiOS is America’s largest 100% fiber-optic network to the home, providing the nation’s fastest, most consistent and most reliable Internet service, as well as TV with the best picture quality. For large businesses, Verizon is a global IP leader, operating one of the worlds’ most connected public Internet backbone networks, delivering solutions that let customers securely connect, communicate and collaborate around the globe.

Today’s innovative devices work better on Verizon’s networks. We offer a diverse portfolio of iconic wireless smartphones and tablets running on operating systems from Android, Apple, BlackBerry and others. By leveraging the sophisticated applications available on these and other devices with the advanced intelligence built into our networks, Verizon has the ability to deliver content to any device, anywhere, at any time. To maintain our leadership position, we’ve developed an ecosystem of innovation using open networks, innovation labs and partnerships with developers to fuel the creation of new services that will continue to embed connected solutions in the world around us.

We’re using the power of these integrated assets to create unique solutions that allow customers to personalize their communications to meet their particular needs. These customized solutions include cloud services, energy management, smart communities, connected homes, telemedicine, work-at-home applications and mobile commerce – just to name a few.

Through continuous innovation, Verizon is creating new markets and opportunities to drive growth and prosperity in America and around the world.